/ Concept / Creative Strategy / Creative Direction 

Hunkemöller, the lingerie company, wanted to launch a Christmas campaign and attract more audience through social media.
The 4 Characters of a woman. This is the concept which I’ve shaped the campaign around.

The idea starts with a group of 4 models that share a flat for 4 months. During this period they go shopping, dining, party and work. And they share their experiences online.

The concept is to use all the material produced during this period to create content for newsletters, product highlights, brand awareness, a magazine and ending up with the launch of a new Christmas line.


/ Concept / Creative Strategy

Hunkemöller wanted to increase their online selling by using a S.Valentine day campaign.
The idea started by identifying how to engage both guys and girls to buy online. So I came up with a concept of an online game where the partners would be able to be better lovers.

game is a combination of questions that help to identify the partner’s preferences and taste. And bases on the answer the game would suggest products that the user can buy for their beloved partner.