TSH Changemakers Challenge 2020

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The TSH Changemakers Challenge is a competition whereby students are challenged to form a team and work on a business case of a (social) enterprise that solves a societal problem.

Together with a TSH Coach and the case owner, students work on an innovative solution. Whoever does best wins the title of TSH Changemaker 2020 and an international learning journey with the team!
In order to engage more student and generate awareness, together with the project manager and the PR manager, we’ve created a new strategy including a new look and feel and communication across universities to attract more interest in the social cause.

We used the new identity to emphasise the main topics of this year on Instagram by showcasing the business owners behind the challenges. On top of it we created a full email communication, posters, postcards and handbook to support our communication plan.

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TSH Changemakers Challenge 2019

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For The Student Hotel (TSH) it’s important to invest in creating a positive impact in the places they reside and society as a whole.
It also feels that its community of students cares deeply about societal challenges, and has the creativity and knowledge to do something about it.

TSH’s Golden Goal for 2018-2019 is therefore to engage and activate its students to solve societal challenges by competing in the TSH Changemakers Challenge. In teams of 3 to 5 students - of which at least one needs to be a TSH resident - the students work on one of the five business cases of organizations that partnered with TSH. And by doing so, the students have the chance to win a TSH Scholarship.

Main objective: activate our students to solve a societal problem that will positively impact society.
We’ve created a mix of 5 different messages printed on doorhanges on each single student room to inspire and make them curious about making a valuable change in the world for the good. The doorhanger were supported by full communication material on screen on locations and social media and with final video to sum up the challenge durin the different stages.

In order to relate to the purpouse of the challenge we’ve focused on making the event itself as much sustainable as possible. For this reason we’ve asked Polimeer to create for us a trophy made out of recicled plastic collected in the hotel.

The 5 type of door hangers that have been displayed on each door inside the hotel.


16 Pre-submissions.
8 Teams full submission.
5 Finalists.
20 TSH Employee joined the co-creation.
42 TSH Employee engaged.
8.9 Score grade - Students.
9.6 Score grade - Business Case Owners.
8.5 Score grade - TSH Employees.