Umhlaba Resort

/ Creative Strategy / Creative & Art Direction / Web Design

Umhlaba is a Luxury Wildlife Resort & Spa located just 30 minutes from the border of the famous Kruger National Park. The private reserve covers 3,300 hectares (13 sq miles) and forms part of the 15,000 hectare (58 sq miles) Blue Canyon Conservancy in the Limpopo province in the North East of South Africa. It is home to four of the Big Five.
Our vision for the Umhlaba Luxury Wildlife Resort & Spa is to create a Brand Movie and Website that is visually highly inspirational and pleasurable.

It should instantly transmit to the viewers the feeling of exclusivity and refined taste, as well as being emotive and luxurious.

Film and photography should provide a continuous mood and style throughout the website, enabling and evoking a sense of style, fashion and feelings of luxury.
Ranging from the adventure-loving traveller, to the wellness and relaxation-seeking jet setter, and the romance-seeking-honeymoon couples. In essence, the websiteshould reflect the credo of the resort: transmitting a sense of luxury and portraying a destination where all possible needs and desires are taken care of, and where there are endless possibilities and attractions.

Ultimately, a place that sets the benchmark in the tourism industryin terms of its offer and service quality.